Groundwater and its importance written

Groundwater is found under the surface of earth in the cracks and spaces in the soil. It is basically stored water which is replenished by rainwater.

Ground water is of great significance since it has several uses, some of them include:



-Thermoelectric power generation

-Water supply from Wells

Ground water is of massive importance today because it is a source of clean drinking water for many people who live in rural areas and do not have an access to alternate sources of clean drinking water.

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In today’s modern world, groundwater quality and quantity are adversely affected due to massive population, wastage of large quantities of water, uncontrolled irrigation, excessive soil pollution because of the increased use of pesticides and insecticides and water pollution due to accidental oil spills etc. In a nutshell, groundwater is withdrawn at a larger scale than it is replenished. Therefore it is high time that we all come together to save this great resource provided by our very own Mother Earth.

There exist numerous ways by which groundwater can be saved:

– By Reducing the use of Chemicals like Fertilisers,insecticides,pesticides etc.

-By Avoiding wastage of water and use it wisely

-By Properly disposing off toxic wastes etc.

– By using natural alternatives instead of toxic and chemicals used in cleaning products

-By recycling, reusing and reducing

-Getting involved in water education

Besides these,

Individual homes can also play a big role in ground-water protection programs by becoming knowledgeable and aware about proper storage and disposal of materials that could contaminate and infect the ground water. The most recognised and common sources of contaminants that cause problems for ground-water users include neighbourhood dumps, animal wastes, leaking gasoline tanks, and pesticides etc. Besides that,source of contaminants in the ground water of some rural areas is associated with the use of sinkholes as dumping stations, moreover improper storage, maintenance and disposal of waste materials not only threaten the quality of drinking water but also threaten the lives of people who consume it resulting in various water borne diseases like Cholera, Dysentery, Hepatitis A, Lead poisoning which can also be lethal.

Not only the deteriorating groundwater quality and quantity is unfortunate and for us, but also for the future generations. To sum up, if we waste even a drop of water today, it will definitely cost us tomorrow. So stop wasting, because its time to start caring.

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